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  Located in Shangyu of Zhejiang, one of the first coastal cities in China, Shaoxing Taiyo Plastic Co., Ltd. is a Japan-exclusively-funded enterprise under control of Taiyo Chemicals Co., Ltd. from Japan. Close to 104 National Highway and Shangyu-Sanmen Freeway and 85km from Hangzhou International Airport, it boasts fairly convenient transportation. Founded in 1992, the Company has a land area of 15,000m2 and a plant area of 11500m2 with a total investment of USD 1,687,400 and a work staff of more than 250 persons; annual sales volume of the Company has reached RMB 60,000,000.
  With the introduction of advanced production equipments and technologies from Japan, the Company specializes in the production of lamps, plastic parts, connectors of electrical appliance, waterproof lamp holders, vacuum bags ( ) etc. The advanced technology of the Japanese head office is adopted to manufacture thermosetting resin (bakelite powder in colloquialism) with multiple colors and applications, manual, semi-automatic and automatic Mahjong machines and product series of pearl jewelry. Due to the first-class quality, products of the Company are sold to various countries over the world, serving a number of internationally famous companies such as Panasonic, Toshiba and Hitach of Japan. Also, the Company has always been a leader in this industry in China.
  Sticking to the principle of “Mutual Benefit” and the tenet of “Honesty, Firm, Research, Practice, Reliance and Harmonization”, the Company makes all-out efforts to establish good trading relationships with existing and old customers as always. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our Company and to do business with us.

      Our Company specializes in the production of graininess amino moulding plastic (bakelite powder). Amino moulding plastic can also be called as urea-formaldehyde resin plastic, urea-formaldehyde moulding powder, etc. It is manufactured through certain plasticizing processes, taking urea-formaldehyde resin and melamine resin as base materials and wood pulp as filler with addition of lubricant, curing agent, color and so on. The finished product is smooth in appearance, stable in dimension and odorless in smell. With performances such as arc resistance, thermal resistance, flame retardant and low smoke, the product is widely used in electrons, electrical appliance, machinery and daily wares.
      The modified amino moulding particles, which have super strong flame resistance and improved thermal resistance, are of broad and bright application prospect as a kind of insulating material. In addition, the special process and formula make our products better than the imported ones of the same kind in terms of plastic injection performance. Coloration can be made freely according to customers’ requirement. High in surface hardness, the products can partly replace PET, PBT or PSU in the field of household appliance; they are of powerful market competitiveness.
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